Approachable complexity is at the core of my work. weather working illustratively or in mixed media. The process by which each piece and or idea behind the work is made creates a nonlinear layering, pulling from the multitudes. An approach that is so familiar because of the universal thought process it represents. Often times adding layer by layer of drawn, painted, or printed material, allowing each to mingle with the surface for a time before removing sections, leaving a trace of the initial image and creating a new mark via this deletion. This practice offers room for surprise. Every image is equally informed by intent as it is by error.
Through my work, I'm trying to illuminate the wonder inherent in how we arrive at certain knowledge. I am specifically questioning personal history, one’s own knowledge base, and also the knowledge of our culture as a whole. a tangible illustration of the difficulties of separating fact from perception. Taking a critical look at accepted history is a very current, relevant action. While often a sobering subject, my work is not without humor and a sense of play. I strive to capture the restlessness in waiting, the pull on your cheekbone as you first begin to smile, the jostle in your brain as you’re trying to decide.
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